Emerge EXP specializes in creating mixed media art, interactive installations, and sensory-rich experiences designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, connection to self and others, and play. As a member of the Midvale Art House, we are committed to collaborating with other artists and local business owners to build a strong and inclusive arts and culture district and to enrich the lives of our community members through art experiences.

About Lulu McPharlin, Artist and Founder of Emerge EXP

Lulu McPharlin is a mixed-media artist and photographer from Salt Lake City, Utah, known for creating alchemical visual art and sensory-rich experiences to delight and inspire people. She incorporates photography, collage, and acrylics in her visual art and integrates visual art, sound, scent, taste, and interaction to create immersive and memorable experiences and events.

She loves teaching people how to engage with art for improved mental health and wellbeing and creating opportunities for them to do so. Her art invites people to delve into themes of self-exploration, liberation, societal expectations, humans as art and nature, and mindfulness. She hopes her work will inspire you to play, to connect deeply with yourself and others, and to follow your dreams boldly at any and every age.

Check out some pieces from Lulu’s portfolio here!